by Rumi

As far back as Robin Lee can remember her passion has been horses. Riding since she was nine months old and professionally training, showing and caring for horses since she was eleven, Robin's world has always revolved around horses. First, were Tennessee walkers on her grandfather's plantation in Georgia. During her early grade school year's fancy harness, halter and parade ponies followed. She then progressed to training and competing with some top King Ranch Poco Bueno sons in high school.

After marriage, five sons and a daughter, Robin again entered the world of horses and embarked on her dream of being around and owning Arabian horses. She first started as the caretaker of Tom Chauncey's twenty four Bask daughters and their foals in Scottsdale during the early to mid eighties.

She was then called to work for Cashvan Arabians to gentle fourteen mares and their foals imported from Poland while living in Virginia to care for her ailing mother.

Robin realized her dream of owning the magnificent Arabian when Aleah Arabians was started in 1997. Robin's goal is to breed one or two foals a year of the highest quality and to perpetuate the lines of the straight Egyptian Arabian horse for future generations. Robin states that being a small breeder with just a very limited number of horses gives her much pleasure and many new and wonderful friends the world over. Most of her foals and a number of broodmares in foal have been exported to foreign lands to add beauty and pleasure to the many individuals seeking quality breeding stock to enjoy and enhance their herds.

"Dream as if you'll live forever and live as if you only have today."
by James Dean

Please feel free to get in touch regarding any of the wonderful Arabians horses here at the farm. My goal is to furnish each prospective buyer with the horse of their dreams.

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